Mobile App Development Tools To Look Out For In 2020

We are living the times where technology has taken over and dominates all spheres of businesses all around the world. Mobile App development has taken over for all kinds of tasks you want to do. From entertainment to studies, to workouts and news. Everything has different apps with unlimited options at your disposal. 

A number of businesses are now preferring to port their existing web or desktop applications to mobile apps. However, it is quite a challenging job for mobile app developers to develop or port an application due to many reasons including varying operating systems, UX designs, hardware capabilities etc. To develop such apps, there is a plethora of such tools that we can categorize into Mobile Analytic tools, Artificial Intelligence tools, Augmented Reality Tools, Payment Gateway Tools, Push Notification tools etc.

Other tools to be considered while developing Mobile Apps can be: 

  • Conversion tools: Help mobile app programmers build mobile versions of the existing web app, desktop app or website.  

  • Low code development platforms: Help mobile app developers quickly design the app, prototyping, and launch the app.  

  • Integrated development environments: Help mobile app programmers to code in an easy way and to come up with the best app.  

  • Libraries: Provide mobile app developers with important APIs so they can add features such as file sharing, messaging, mapping to other apps. 

Mobile App developers need to develop apps for both iOS and Android phones so that they support both operating systems and can be effectively used with bug fixes. Xamarin has made it possible for the developers to design native apps for multiple platforms using only C# code base.The tool allows developers to use the same IDE, language, and APIs everywhere. Titanium Appcelerator is one other platform which is an open-source framework that allows developing native mobile apps on the platform such as iOS, Android and Windows from a single javascript codebase. 

There’s a whole different types of platforms such as PhoneGap, Sencha Touch, Appcelerator, Monocross, Headspin, Ionic, and many more. Tools like Android Studio are not suitable for developing hybrid or iOS applications; they are meant for only Android applications alone. So, if you are trying to develop an app for only an Android device, then this tool is perfect for you. 

Likewise, depending upon your requirements, you can pick the right kind of app. Your budget will become a key factor too. The open source mobile app development tools are an essential part of the development process. It not only speeds up the development, but it also reduces a lot of efforts on the developer’s part with the help of various interesting plugins.

However, not every tool is fit for the development process. The developers have to choose wisely here. There are a lot of factors that will impact their choice here, and one such factor is the project size. Not every tool is perfect to handle huge projects, so the developers have to make a smart choice here and pick the tools that will go perfectly with their app development.

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