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We focus on research and data before we start building, which saves you money

Before you head on to knowing what we do, know why us? You will be intrigued to know that for every project, using our efficiency, creative and technical skills we first find out where your money and time can be saved. We believe in making you prosper!

Our specialists proactively research trending and new resources, techniques & avenues that can be aligned with your requirements, any current data which you may have and data relatable to your industry and project which can be used to create targeted, engaging, effective, and compelling plans of action. Thus, you can transfer all your marketing and its related budget stress onto us for your local, national or international business. BUILD | REACH | ACHIEVE | GROW

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Reaching Customers Is Now Faster, Easier & Cheaper

Be it daily soaps, movies, live sports or news, watching them on TV is a trend of past now, the digital audience in the current world have been watching their favourite channels online due to which targeting them at their comfort has become widely possible. With advertising on video channels you can target your niche customer segments with reduced costs and get maximum results.


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Which Video Channel Is Best Fit For Your Ad?

With over 35million concurrent viewers, 400million sports viewers and 9billion interactions across multiple video channels, the choice where you can advertise seem to be difficult however, each channel has their own niche audience with show, movie or sport wise individual behaviour. Analysing both of them while keeping in mind the budget helps to identify the right channel to advertise. 


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What We Do?

On basis of your requirements, brand, product and budget, our strategists find the best channel to advertise your product, service or brand and our campaign builders create the most immersive and engaging ads. With our deep rooted analysis our objective is to provide you maximum return on investment and to enable that our experienced team consistently track ad campaigns and audience behaviour on it. Hence, we make sure conversions happen instantly.


video marketing company, Triffid Marketing Pvt. Ltd

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