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Packaging & label is not just to protect your product, it is better when it protects your brand identity first.


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As a packaging design company we believe in providing the best solutions for your packaging when it comes to containment. We research and carefully plan your product packaging. Liquid, dry, glass or opaque, we have solutions mending to all your needs and requirements to keep your product safe.


Every design and content needs to be communicative of the message your product caters to. It’s very important to be descriptive yet brief and clear about the content you want to put on label. At Triffid, we believe in carefully studying your objectives and information you want to incorporate on your product package's label.


While planning your product packaging we also pay careful consideration to its convenience to handle or carry from a customers point of view. Convenience is as crucial as creative look and appeal. We as a product packaging agency make sure to incorporate and infuse these two elements in your packaging.


With various products being heavily promoted in the market, creative look and feel has also taken the front seat in packaging & label design. As a packaging company, our experts pay a lot of attention to design. We make sure it resonates with the message it is sent and is according to place, season and marketing needs.

Package & Label Design
That Speaks For Itself

The design of your product’s package and it’s label are very vital as they are the first things that your customer interacts with and catches their eye. Today, with so many companies focusing on their appeal, package and label design is surely the most important part of strategising where we at Triffid as a product packaging agency focus on design and appeal. We give your product a powerful and eloquent tone which will help build your brand character. Our package design entails the more safe delivery of products, cushioning, marking, blocking, strapping, sealing and waterproofing. Whereas, our product label design service focuses on providing product clarity & usage along with, it being attractive enough to persuade customers to buy. All of these elements together make the product package viable yet crafty.

What's Your Product?

We get into the intricate details to make sure you get exactly how you imagine for your packaging to stand out. As a product packaging agency we strategise and develop design options you would be confused to choose from, yes, they are that appealing and unforgettable. We at Triffid, as a packaging and label design company believe in providing you the best solutions for your packaging experience. We give you the most interactive approach, smart design, custom package & label and the support you need for your service. Tell us what your product is, rest will be history!

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