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Social Media Marketing Agency Mumbai

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Business expansion is one of the key objectives of any business. Asa social media marketing agency, we aim to create a trusted social community of followers and boost sales through navigating demands.


Nothing is more engaging than creating personal connections with your audience from time to time through posts, quizzes and contests. As a social media marketing company, we do so by creating appealing content to promote on the platforms to bring awareness and reach potential buyers.

LinkedIn Marketing

The largest community of professionals, where you can connect with industry experts and entrepreneurs one-on-one. LinkedIn marketing helps drive organic traffic, boost sales and leads and connect on a large platform with market expertise.

Online Reputation

ORM helps you navigate, monitor and control mentions of your brand on social media platforms. Being a social media marketing agency, we work with the best influencers and have the best strategists to deliver consistent and relevant content on various platforms.

Bring Success To Your Business With Our Social Media Marketing Services

Social media has transformed the way business is undertaken. It has expanded all boundaries and reach by enveloping the audiences into one digital space. Social media marketing has become an important part of all marketing plans to reach more people, boost awareness and generate more qualified leads. As a leading social media marketing agency in mumbai, we aim to publish engaging content with dynamic formats across platforms to potential buyers and sellers. Doing so helps brands and businesses bring increased brand awareness, boost sales and lead generation and bring organic web traffic which results in overall growth of the brand.

Why Choose us?

At Triffid, a leading social media marketing company in mumbai, we bring you an integration of creativity and innovative technology to bring your brand the right mix of both. Incorporating social media marketing in your marketing plan can help you reach your goals faster and in a more cost effective way. We’re a team of expert social media strategists that work on content that’s unique, impactful, and leaves an impression to your viewers. We make sure you get the needed exposure, brand awareness, recognition and sales from social media marketing.

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