Top 20 Powerful Ways to Increase Your eCommerce Sales in 2024

Entrepreneurs and business owners around the world have seen a paradigm shift in the way business is conducted in day-to-day life. Whether it’s related to the IT industry, FMCG, pharmaceuticals or even education and shopping. Things have rapidly changed, and for the good as most believe. Digitalization has massively taken grip among millennials and gen-z and everything that once was bought from physical stores is now available at your fingertips through your mobile phones. Products and services that you can buy anytime, anywhere. This is possibly the greatest shift in business and consumer behaviour.

Ecommerce or online business has become symbolic in recent times. Where most businesses have already gone online, most others are making the necessary shift for better sales, growth and accessibility. It’s crucial for business owners to incorporate marketing plans and online visibility plans for their business and growth. Sales is the most important if you’re running a business and that’s one of the aims to start a business. FIrst sale is always symbolic, and every other just follows with correct strategies, marketing plans, consumer centric modules and unhinged determination.

For all the new and existing businesses and entrepreneurs, this is the place you’ll understand and get insight into ways of increasing your ecommerce sales if you haven’t already started or are in the process.

Keep reading to get insight on powerful ways to increase and boost your ecommerce sales this year.

Incorporate these powerful ways to boost your ecommerce sales

Social media communities are basically online properties where members with similar interest can share their experiences and start a conversation. With such a wide network across demographic social communities are much like your neighborhood club or a theatre show you catch at the stage.
To understand more about the true purpose of social communities, let’s understand the 3 reason behind it first-

1 Start Blogging: If you aren’t already writing a blog, this is the best. You’re missing out on engaging with your audience regarding your own products and services. Writing a blog is a limitless opportunity for content marketing. It’s free and valuable and keeps your audience informed and engaged. It answers their questions and keeps the communication flowing. When you’re able to create blog content you’ll automatically see people reaching out to your pages and sites for more valuable content.

2 Emailing list: Building your email list costs very little to no money. Having your email list of existing and potential customers can get you to send information about your products and services directly to your customers inbox. For doing so you can start by setting up a subscription on your website where users can enter their details to receive updates about new products and offers and discounts. A constant reminder for the same acts as a way to reach your customers psyche and encourage them to make a purchase.

3 Sponsoring events: Whether it’s about sponsoring a physical event or a virtual one, it’s always proved to give traction to the said business to its participants. But sponsoring the right event is necessary, and content needs to be that targets the audience attending correctly. Doing so provides an opportunity for you to showcase your products and services and gets them talking. Which does translate to sales at one point.

4 Incorporate Google Ads: Who would wanna rank higher on search engines? Everyone, right. Google ads allows online advertisers to utilise this service and on all search engines allowing to gain more engagement, visibility and credibility. Which will ultimately help them gain trust and sales.

5 Sell to other retailers:Selling wholesale products to retailers helps sell your products and increases the cash flow for your business. They act as the marketing lead for you in the market helping you amplify your reach.

6 Press releases:New stores and existing stores are always pushing for editorials and press releases. Be creative and give the audience something to come back for. Be concise and not monotonous.

7 Run a Survey:Honest feedback is rare but extremely crucial. Run a survey to understand your audience and consumer behavior better to serve them what they need. There are various online tools to get the job done.

8 Online forums:Online forums and discussion groups are a great way to share expert advice and tips among other consumers and experts. This helps you directly communicate with them and helps you gain customers in a more niche forum.

9Build relationships: Consumer loyalty is very important which is earned by dedicated servicing and over time. When your product or service is good, and you appreciate your long standing customers through offers and discounts and loyalty programs you gain dedicated sales and longtime customers.

10Contests and giveaways: A great way to get your audience excited. Contests and giveaways are always met with enthusiasm, it helps you reach a wider audience. Which means more people are browning through your site even if they are not actually entering into it.

11 Be on linkedin: Even though it’s not a traditional social media platform, it’s a great way to connect to industry experts and potential buyers and sellers. Make a separate marketing plan for the platforms to reach a much targeted audience and penetrate into your niche market to gain potential customers and sales.

12 Go social: Go social with Instagram, Pinterest and even Facebook and YouTube. Do not hesitate to be creative and put your best foot forward. Hire a social media marketing agency if so to get your business up and running. With today’s social media frenzy, it’s definitely the way forward to lock in new sales and customers.

13 Invest in good quality images online: whether it’s for your website or social media, having good quality images is very important. It attracts more people and potential customers for sure. Nobody would want to browse low quality images with no details visible. That’s an instant turn over.

14 Tiered Pricing: Adjust your pricing strategy just that the users are pushed towards buying what you really want to sell. Some will buy expensive products which is great, but most will end up buying what you’ve wanted to sell most. Understand the consumer psyche and price accordingly.

15 Design your website to look apart: Your online store is as important as your physical store. Designing it to look unique is very important for it to set apart. But doing so does not ignore user friendly site navigation and consumer experience. Even though it looks nice navigation should be as easy and seamless. Nobody wants to browse a slow, un optimised website that takes forever to make a purchase.

16 Host Pop Up Store: With the current times, a pop up store doesn’t necessarily have to be a physical one. It can be through your social media accounts. On the plus side, you gain more audience which may not have been able to attend, but virtually they can and might end up browning your products and services for any future sales.

17 Get more sales through mobile optimization:
with everything available at your fingertips, take it a notch higher with mobile app development or mobile optimization. Make your website mobile friendly. Where any user can reach you through their cell phone any time anywhere. Saves time and easily accessible.

18 Reduce frictions in the checkout process:
To make any purchase successful, the checkout process needs to be seamless. When there is an issue with that, there is a high chance your customer will leave it mid way to never return. Thus, to make your sales sore high, make sure you are constantly updating and fixing bugs for a seamless checkout process.

19 Providing payment options: Whether it’s your website or an app, always make sure to provide numerous payment options for a better consumer experience. They should not feel restricted in buying your products. This will enable larger sales and seamless purchases.

20 Communicate with your customers: Always make sure to make your customers feel you’re reachable. Keep the communication open, answer to queries, reviews, repost when needed and always reply in standard time. Make your customers feel wanted and important. Communication is key to fostering long standing relationships.

It’s actually not that tricky! Try it.

As an ecommerce business owner or an entrepreneur it’s crucial to understand the mechanics of the online business. Especially when it comes to generating leads and making sales. With so much competition already, it’s important to stay committed, consistent and unique. Keep making the noise until you’re noticed. That means incorporating every possible tactic, testing, and seeing if it works for your business. These are just some of the sure ways of making it big on your sales. Keep researching, keep growing, keep innovating and sell what your customers need the most. Never underestimate the power of content marketing, and being on the top of your game and ahead with a great website development with seamless user experience.

Follow a few tricks and keep repeating, you’re sure to make sales like never before.

If you’re finding yourself stuck in this web, reach out to Triffid. As a digital marketing agency with expertise in website development, mobile app development, Social media marketing and management, we’re here to pull the reins for you while your business shines.

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